Elephant in the Room: The Massive Shortcoming of A/B Testing That Nobody is Talking About

  You can’t be in the online marketing business long without developing an awareness of and appreciation for A/B testing. There is something profoundly comforting about collecting hard data to guide your marketing efforts, and when those conversion rates tick upward, they provide a measurable, provable, unquestionable ROI. Test. Rinse. Repeat… the mantra of the […]

Don’t Fall Into the Conversion Trap

  The Critical Conversion Element That You Might Have Missed As a conversion optimization marketer, you know the value of testing and measurement. However, did you know that that top experts consider customer insight the critical (often missing) element in the development of conversion test plans? In the recent Hubspot™ CRO Hangout, experts Peep Lala, […]

Emotional Connection and Analytical Rigor: The Happy Marriage

  Steve Olenski’s recent piece in Forbes,  “The Formula for Balancing the Math and Magic of Marketing,” made me think of this post.  As a marketer who lived through the “magic years” during a stint at Hewlett Packard, and pioneered the “math years” at Constant Contact, I couldn’t agree more with his takeaway: “Human beings are not […]