Why Webpage Conversion Optimization is not One-Size-Fits-All

  It would certainly make things easier for digital marketers everywhere if there were a nice, neat set of rules to follow to increase conversion on their webpages. If only we could all make our call-to-action buttons blue, our font Times New Roman, write a simple description of our offering in plain, uncreative language, and […]

Adding More Insight to Your Visitor’s Experience

  Every visitor who lands on your website or landing page comes with a pre existing set of concerns, needs, hopes, or aspirations that guide how they evaluate and engage with your page. Shining a light on the aspirations and addressing the concerns can make a huge difference in visitors’ perception of both your brand […]

What Your Competitor’s Web Page Can Teach You

  What if you could know what on your competitors’ web pages is effective for visitors, and what isn’t, and could compare that with your own pages? Wouldn’t that be great? Now you can! WEVO can tell you what potential customers like and dislike about your page AND what they like and dislike about any […]

Three Ways Digital Marketers Can Improve Conversion

  Digital marketers are always looking to improve their digital properties, test iterations rapidly, and increase conversion. Traditional A/B testing is a great tool to measure results, but fails to deliver the “why” behind what visitors like and dislike, how they feel when they visit one of your pages, and what causes them to disengage […]

Why Images Matter More Than You Might Think

Images can help potential customers identify with your brand, or make them question your credibility, which makes choosing the right images for your website essential to increasing conversion. The wrong image choice can misalign visitors with who your company is, and what they represent. At the end of the day, these images are the face […]

Conversion Optimization Tools are Failing Digital Marketers

  The tools currently available to digital marketers fail not because of what they do, but because of what they don’t do. Tools like Optimizely, Google Analytics and Adobe Target are great analytics tools – giving marketers data on what has already happened (e.g. the observed behavior). However, they do not help digital marketers get […]

Is Your Hero Image Working For You or Against You?

In all of the WEVO landing page analyses we have run for our clients, no one website element gets more attention and focus than the hero image and headline. Truth be told, our tests have proven that the headline is a critical driver of engagement and action, but the image associated with that headline is […]

9 Research-Backed Ways to Improve Your Landing Pages

  While there’s no better way to improve your landing pages than to get qualitative and quantitative feedback from your target audience, research shows that there are many ways to generally increase their effectiveness. If you don’t have the resources to get feedback from your audience for page improvements (you should try to get them, […]

3 Common A/B Testing Workarounds and How to Avoid Them

  A/B testing is meant to be quick, relatively inexpensive and measurable, but often marketers find that it is anything but. In interviews conducted by WEVO, digital marketers identified the A/B testing mistakes they’ve seen within the industry, and why these workarounds should be avoided, even though they do produce some short-term benefits. So, why are […]