Pricing FAQs

WEVO is intended for marketers, designers and user research experts in companies that would like to understand their visitors and optimize their website experiences and conversion.

Yes. The subscription costs grant you access to the WEVO platform and your past tests. Before launching each WEVO you will be shown the cost for that analysis which covers the cost of the survey participants.

Yes – please contact us.

You will be billed on the day you sign-up and at every anniversary of your plan (monthly or annually).

Each WEVO is an analysis of a single webpage. You can determine how many survey participants will be included for the analysis and which reports will be included. See the list of reports above.

WEVO does not offer free trials, however, we would be more than happy to walk you through a detailed demo and give you access to sample tests. Please contact us.

No integration is required. All you need is to define your audience criteria and to submit an image of the webpage you would like to test.

Yes. Monthly plans can be canceled at any time. Use the toggle button at the top of the page to view either monthly or annual plans.

You are welcome to upgrade your plan at any time, and downgrade effective at the end of your current billing cycle (either annual or monthly).

Any other questions? Please contact us!

Panel costs are charged separately. Certain capabilities require a minimum sample size. Customer expectations require a minimum of 50 panelists. Driver scores and benchmarks require a minimum of 125 panelists.