On-Demand Webinar: How Human-Augmented AI Enables Effortless User Experience Research

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In this webinar, Nitzan Shaer, CEO & Co-founder of WEVO, guest speaker Kelly Price, Forrester Senior Analyst, Design/Product Research, CX and UX,  and guest speaker Karen Pascoe,  Mastercard SVP, CX and Design discussed these common challenges and strategies for weaving efficient, accurate, AI-driven customer insights into an agile research process to drive better digital experiences:

Checkmark Common gaps/shortfalls in the research process and how to fill them, including testing methods that provide validated, benchmarked results

Checkmark How to incorporate human-augmented AI insights solutions into an agile research process that allows anyone to easily visualize key insights and opportunities

Checkmark The shift toward democratization of research and how it can positively impact the role of the researcher

About WEVO

WEVO is a Customer Experience platform for efficient and accurate validation of digital experiences, identifying the most important opportunities to improve an experience in days instead of weeks. By leveraging human-augmented AI to do the heavy lifting, WEVO pinpoints what works, what doesn’t, and why, empowering research teams, product teams, designers and digital marketers to integrate user testing into their agile UX research processes.

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