Marketers Now Able to PinPoint Why Visitors Aren’t Engaging in their Digital Experience

WEVO Launches the First Platform to Diagnose Digital Experiences with Statistically Significant Insights in Order to Enhance Customer Journeys 

Boston, MA – November 18, 2020 –  WEVO, a customer experience company that offers the fastest platform for pinpointing WHY visitors are not engaging, today announced the availability of the WEVO Digital Experience Platform. The newest product from WEVO delivers the ability to test the customer journey across multiple pages with statistically significant customer insights and industry benchmarks. WEVO’s human augmented AI model is the fastest way for marketers to understand customer engagement and provide research-driven recommendations to improve interactions.


Currently, companies lose millions in potential revenue during the months they spend in attempts to increase conversions. As consumer needs are changing rapidly, customer experience is vital to match the expectations of consumers and essential to the success of a company. Winning companies will be those who are consistently understanding consumer needs and improving their experience to ultimately increase customer acquisition. 


“Today’s rate of change in customer expectations is accelerating. Companies are struggling to keep their digital experiences relevant and rarely understand WHY their website visitors don’t convert — a crucial missing link for customer experience and engagement,” said Nitzan Shaer, CEO & Co-Founder, WEVO. “Now more than ever, marketers and product managers need to improve their digital experiences and rapidly adapt to a changing world to prevent the loss of those millions.”


WEVO’s first-of-its-kind platform meets these needs, allowing marketers to optimize websites and concept designs without the need for live traffic. WEVO expands on this platform to create Journeys, providing multi-page level usability feedback, Journey feedback across a website or design, and an understanding of how a customer’s Journey delivers on its targeted audience’s expectations and needs. Journeys also help to understand how pages perform together and if they will successfully engage visitors. These insights and recommendations help marketers truly understand how their customers’ journey delivers on the five key journey diagnostics: trusted, intuitive, inspiring, satisfying, and valuable. Marketers can now measure success with each diagnostic score.  


Benefits of the Experiences platform include: 

  • Before Launch: Optimize experiences before going live to be successful from day one 

  • Statistically Significant Insights and Benchmarks: Understand WHY visitors aren’t engaging, with statistically significant confidence 

  • Reduce Risk: Take the worry out of new launches by comparing conversion before launch 


Multiple Fortune 500 companies and others including Intuit, P&G, LogMeIn and Jackson Hewitt rely on WEVO for significant customer insights and leverage its platform to pinpoint why more users are not converting. 


“We leveraged WEVO’s Digital Experience Platform to gain insights and recommendations on our customers’ journeys. We were able to have customer insights and quick feedback so that our team could launch out of the gates with higher converting landing pages,” said  Euan Campbell, CMO, Jackson Hewitt. “By enlisting WEVO, Jackson Hewitt achieved faster test results along with highly optimized landing pages and creative, all before going live before our busy season.”


WEVO is a rapid turnaround, cost-effective solution for customer research and concept validation. For more information, visit


About WEVO:

WEVO is a customer experience company that offers the fastest platform for pinpointing WHY visitors are not engaging. WEVO’s human augmented AI model allows marketers to optimize not only live websites but also concept designs, without the need for live traffic. Since WEVO generates statistically significant customer insights, it can be leveraged to prioritize new concepts at your company as well to learn what is working and what isn’t at similar brands. Leading companies like P&G, Intuit and LogMeIn use WEVO to reduce the risk of new campaigns and product launches, as well as to accelerate revenue by eliminating months of iterations. 


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