Ian Hughes

VP of Marketing


Ian is the VP of Marketing at WEVO. He has a digital and creative background that has spanned small companies and large enterprises. 

Prior to High Start Group, Ian helped define Aquent's brand as Global VP of Marketing. He overhauled marketing operations using technology and automation, and built a lean, hybrid team of specialists in full-time, contract, and agency roles. 

In addition to helping launch PayPal's first demand generation offers in 2012, Ian led two different creative teams during his tenure. He built from scratch a talented team of UX designers, visual designers and front end developers that produced all location-aware, mobile advertising for the merchant side of the business. When PayPal Media Network (formerly Where) was consumed by eBay, he was tasked with building a brand new, in-house creative agency that became responsible for all PayPal North America consumer marketing. 

Ian has also led marketing departments for several smaller businesses across different industries, from tech to education. Though it seems like a lifetime ago, his most challenging and enjoyable experience was owning a marketing consulting agency focused on SEO, SEM, and web analytics. 

Ian enjoyed school so much that he continued to go back, and back again. He has a B.A. in English from The University of San Diego, a M.S. in Advertising from Boston University, and a M.B.A. from Northeastern University.