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University of Central Florida uses WEVO to optimize new online pages before launching them. With hundreds of online higher education sites vying for limited search engine ranking space, it can be extremely challenging to stand out and engage.
WEVO provided UCF with analysis and insights that helped pinpoint what would resonate well with their target audience to help increase conversion before going live, including opportunities to improve copy, user interface, and user experiences. Since WEVO provided UCF with direct customer quotes at the start of the redesign, the university was able to keep the major concerns of their audience in mind throughout project development.
UCF made sure the page they created addressed all their target audience’s concerns and they were able to share these insights with key project stakeholders to keep all parties well informed. WEVO results and scoring enabled the UCF Online team to approach their project with a data-driven strategy that allowed them to measure and complete their goals efficiently.
UCF created a site that engaged and converted visitors even in the very busy online higher education space. “Based on the insights and feedback WEVO provided, we were able to create a site that enhanced an action-oriented user experience. Visitors are now staying on our site longer, navigating between pages easier, and engaging more. In the 3-months since our redesign launch, we’ve seen several of our core digital engagement metrics increase by well over 25% year-over-year.” – Alexandra Thompson, Marketing Manager, Brand at University of Central Florida.