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Bentley University used WEVO to double online student conversion in 20 Days.  Ranked among the Top 10 “Best Undergraduate Business Schools” by Business Week in 2016, Bentley University is one of the fastest growing leading brands in higher education.
The Problem:
When preparing to relaunch the university’s business degree recruitment landing page, Fox was confident that starting with an audience-first approach was the key to launching a truly impactful marketing campaign. Her mission was clear: gain deep insights into the factors that motivate prospective students while understanding how to connect with them on both an emotional and academic level. Fox and her team didn’t have a way to analyze the diverse values of thousands of prospective students with different backgrounds using traditional tools and methods. “Gathering this information isn’t possible with only A/B testing or simply measuring clicks,” says Fox. “These methods aren’t able to deliver an understanding of what a customer thinks – oftentimes forcing marketers to guess and debate amongst themselves what data means, and creating conflict instead of agreement.” Skadi Gidionsen, Bentley’s Manager of Digital Engagement adds that “even after testing, you don’t have the confidence that you addressed the important questions.” The team needed more insight to ensure their page addressed the content that was most valued by prospective students.
The Solution:
The Results Bentley University was able to relaunch a higher converting landing page within weeks. They have experienced a 151% improvement in their conversion rate, doubling the student interest in their award-winning business programs. WEVO’s analysis was the key to quickly secure stakeholder confidence and reduce overall time-to-market. Presenting the recommendations backed by statistically significant data eliminated resistance to new ideas and resulted in astounding team consensus, according to Fox. “The results far exceeded our expectations,” says Fox, “now that we use WEVO, I feel significantly more confident going to market.”