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How WEVO filled an executive education program at the #1 school for entrepreneurship.  For twenty-five years, Babson College has been ranked as the #1 college for entrepreneurship. Like many non-traditional or executive education programs, Babson Executive Education (BEE) is tasked with meeting enrollment quotas to reach revenue goals each year.

The Problem:
The Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp is a program targeted to entrepreneurs of varying levels including first-time entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs with limited know-how, and experienced entrepreneurs seeking support in getting to the next level. Targeting such a busy persona would prove to be a challenge for Babson College considering entrepreneurs have so much on their minds. From raising money and running their businesses to networking on the go, the BEE team knew it would be difficult to capture their attention let alone interest them in enrolling in the program.
With a limited advertising budget and staff juggling several priorities, the team at BEE needed a way to quickly identify what would engage their busy-minded prospects and drive them to convert.

The Results:
Thanks to WEVO insights and the resulting design changes, Babson increased interest in the program by 72% (measured by brochure downloads) and increased registrations by 130%. Kristen Johnson, BEE’s Managing Director, Marketing, experienced an a-ha moment when the team realized that “we needed to be clearer about the actions we want people to take. Also adding more about Babson’s leadership position in Entrepreneurship to the page contributed to our increased registration in Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp and allowed us to exceed our program goals.” After experiencing first-hand how WEVO was able to pinpoint the keys to engagement optimization for their page, the team at Babson is excited to see what WEVO can do for their other landing pages in the future. Johnson stated that “WEVO insights are helping all of our Executive Education pages. We will be incorporating these learnings into how we market other programs as well which will hopefully help our Open Enrollment portfolio overall.”