A/B Testing

7 Lessons from WEVO’s Technology That Will Make Your Website Convert Better

7 Lessons from WEVO’s Technology That Will Make Your Website Convert Better

WEVO is an AI platform that gives digital marketers insights and recommendations on how to improve the conversion of webpages. Our technology generates results in less than a week, allowing us to rapidly test and gather data about what specifically will improve the efficacy of a page. With all of this time spent gathering insights, we’ve noticed there are some best practices that remain constant no matter the industry, audience or page. Here are the top seven.

Is Your Hero Image Working For You or Against You?

In all of the WEVO landing page analyses we have run for our clients, no one website element gets more attention and focus than the hero image and headline. Truth be told, our tests have proven that the headline is a critical driver of engagement and action, but the image associated with that headline is equally as important. As it turns out, your hero image says so much more to your audience than what you may have thought when you selected it.

Why Are Marketers Ending A/B Tests Early and Reporting Inflated Conversion Results?

We launched a survey of digital marketers to learn about the challenges and opportunities of their conversion rate optimization and A/B testing programs. Of all the results, we found it most interesting that they show the majority of marketers end tests before they’re ready and report an inflated increase in conversion when compared to industry reports. Why is this happening? We have a few hunches. Read on and let us know your thoughts.

39% of Marketers Couldn’t Identify Which of Two Landing Pages Converted Higher. Here’s Why.

At a recent higher education marketing and enrollment conference, we decided to put marketers to the test. We asked every marketer we spoke with to guess which of two landing page designs had a higher conversion rate. The result? A whopping 39% of the marketers we asked selected the losing landing page. Here's why.


5 Biggest Challenges Marketers Face in Conversion Optimization

5 Biggest Challenges Marketers Face in Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization, which is increasing the percentage of your web visitors that convert into customers or take a desired action, is a modern must-do in internet marketing. While the benefits are strong, the process does have its challenges. Marketers who are new to conversion optimization should be prepared for the following common speed bumps and plan accordingly, knowing that there are certain tradeoffs and tools that can be used to overcome them.


3 Common A/B Testing Workarounds and How To Avoid Them

3 Common A/B Testing Workarounds and How To Avoid Them

A/B testing is meant to be quick, relatively inexpensive and measurable, but often marketers find that it is anything but. In interviews conducted by WEVO, digital marketers identified the A/B testing mistakes they’ve seen within the industry, and why these workarounds should be avoided, even though they do produce some short-term benefits.

Elephant In The Room: The Massive Shortcoming Of A/B Testing That Nobody Is Talking About

You can’t be in the online marketing business long without developing an awareness of and appreciation for A/B testing.

There is something profoundly comforting about collecting hard data to guide your marketing efforts, and when those conversion rates tick upward, they provide a measurable, provable, unquestionable ROI.

Test. Rinse. Repeat... the mantra of the A/B tester.