7 Lessons from WEVO’s Technology That Will Make Your Website Convert Better

  WEVO is an AI platform that gives digital marketers insights and recommendations on how to improve the conversion of webpages. Our technology generates results in less than a week, allowing us to rapidly test and gather data about what specifically will improve the efficacy of a page. With all of this time spent gathering […]

Here’s What You Can Do With Artisanal Data When Big Data Isn’t an Option

  We are in the era of big data, where everywhere you turn, people are sharing strategies and tools to learn from it. It certainly can lead to amazing insights, however, what marketers often have is far from big data. The data might be small, but is high quality, well-understood, and extremely relevant to their […]

The Era of Artificial Common Sense Won’t Be Here Anytime Soon

  Artificial Intelligence is sometimes better than humans. And sometimes worse. It’s usually faster and cheaper, and that alone ensures it a very important place in our world, but not to the exclusion of human intelligence. The fact remains that almost all machine learning requires a human for a sanity check, at the very least. […]

Marketers, Here’s Why AI Is Not Going to Take Your Job

  It has becoming increasingly popular to fret about AI “taking our jobs,” as marketers. Not replacing the routine, unpleasant tasks which are part of our jobs and freeing up time for creativity, which has been happening since animal power began to replace human power in the fields. Not changing what industries produce, which began […]

Higher Education is Changing. Here’s How University Marketers Can Keep Up.

  After more than 350 years of the current model of higher education, established by Harvard as the first U.S. college in 1636, the industry is finally changing dramatically. In fact, it will likely be unrecognizable within 25 years with the advent of online education, higher emphasis on adult and continuing programs, and increased competition. […]

Is Your Hero Image Working For You or Against You?

In all of the WEVO landing page analyses we have run for our clients, no one website element gets more attention and focus than the hero image and headline. Truth be told, our tests have proven that the headline is a critical driver of engagement and action, but the image associated with that headline is […]

WEVO Named One of 18 Boston Startups to Watch in 2018

We are very excited that WEVO Conversion is included in the BostInno list of the top 18 Boston startups to watch in 2018. Boston has a highly competitive and innovative startup community and it is an honor to be named among our peers as a top startup. We look forward to a great year ahead. […]

Why Are Marketers Ending A/B Tests Early and Reporting Inflated Conversion Results?

We’re constantly working to understand our target audience even better. Recently, we decided to launch a survey of digital marketers to learn about the challenges and opportunities of their conversion rate optimization and A/B testing programs. Of all the results, we found it most interesting that they show the majority of marketers end tests before […]