Three Ways Digital Marketers Can Improve Conversion

  Digital marketers are always looking to improve their digital properties, test iterations rapidly, and increase conversion. Traditional A/B testing is a great tool to measure results, but fails to deliver the “why” behind what visitors like and dislike, how they feel when they visit one of your pages, and what causes them to disengage […]

Why Images Matter More Than You Might Think

  Images can help potential customers identify with your brand, or make them question your credibility, which makes choosing the right images for your website essential to increasing conversion. The wrong image choice can misalign visitors with who your company is, and what they represent. At the end of the day, these images are the […]

Why Crowdsourcing and AI Better Predict Human Behavior

  What do Coca-Cola, Google and 23andMe all have in common?  These leading companies are all turning to crowdsourcing as a tool for marketing and product development. In this digital age, it’s easier than ever to connect with your prospective customers and tap into their collective knowledge. The savviest companies are using crowdsourcing to engage […]

8 Website Tips For Engaging Non-Traditional Students

  Online degree programs are more popular than ever, and there are more and more Universities entering the fray.  Once the domain of for-profit schools, online program and degree programs are now being offered by most public universities, including most of top schools.  Online degree programs are on track to deliver nearly a third of […]

Conversion Optimization Tools are Failing Digital Marketers

  The tools currently available to digital marketers fail not because of what they do, but because of what they don’t do. Tools like Optimizely, Google Analytics and Adobe Target are great analytics tools – giving marketers data on what has already happened (e.g. the observed behavior). However, they do not help digital marketers get […]

WEVO Wins 2018 MITX Award for Best Use of AI or Machine Learning

  WEVO received its first MITX award for Best Use of AI or Machine Learning at the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange (MITX) 22nd Awards event last week. MITX hosts an annual awards show featuring hundreds of the most innovative and creative companies in digital marketing, media, and technology. WEVO is thrilled to receive this award for […]