When Qual and Quant Collide

In the first installment of our new partner video series, WEVO’s Jenni Bruckman was joined by digital optimization rockstars Beth Damiano, Digital Marketing Consultant at Accenture Interactive, and Cole Ranzau, Supervising Digital Marketing Manager at Strategic Education, Inc.  From the perspectives of an agency partner (Beth) and client (Cole) who’ve worked together to optimize digital […]

Getting Started with CX Optimization – Common Use Cases

3 part blog post seriesJenni Bruckman So you’re interested in taking your digital experience (DX) or customer experience (CX) optimization to the next level…  Great! Now where do you get started? WEVO Conversion works with leading brands across industries to layer qualitative and quantitative insights into various DX and CX programs. In this three-part blog […]

Take User Insights to the Next Level: The Power of “Qualt”

When leveraging user research to guide their work, digital marketing, product, and design teams have typically relied on methods that provide either quantitative or qualitative data. But neither type of data on its own tells the whole story: the most accurate, in-depth, and actionable insights are only accessible by combining qual and quant, or as […]

New feature! Introducing BYOP (Bring Your Own Panel)

Have you heard? You now have the option to select your own panel of users on any WEVO test you run. This added flexibility is perfect if the lookalike audience you are targeting is particularly niche or needs to align to a  specific set of qualifications or to run WEVO tests using your unique segments […]

Break Through Your Website Performance Plateau

Picture it: your webpage was chugging along nicely for months. It started out decently, and then you made some tweaks to the customer experience and it performed even better. You were feeling pretty good. But then something happens and suddenly those KPIs seem less achievable and more like stretch-goals. Your qualified leads go up for […]

Be a Digital CX Trendsetter, Not a Crowd-Follower

We’ve all been there. You need to get your campaign or landing page right to deliver the best possible customer experience, but time is short and budget is limited. So what do you do?  Maybe, you peruse your top competitor’s website to see what they’re doing and borrow some of their ideas. Sure, it’s convenient, […]

Welcome WEVO Journeys: Effective Digital Experiences from Day One

Understanding visitors and customers is a critical path for marketers. Yet, at a time when marketers and product teams are literally drowning in near instant and constant data about who their customers are and what they do, they are still missing a crucial piece of the puzzle. Until now.  Historically, there  has not been a […]