What Will Digital Optimization Look Like in a Cookieless Future?

In the latest episode of our video series Qualt Q&A, Jenni talks with Catherine Crim, Senior Optimization Manager at Search Discovery, about what a cookieless future means for digital marketers. Catherine helps break down this complex topic in a discussion about how cookie restrictions are already making visitors harder to identify across visits. But she […]

Democratizing Insights for Successful Digital Optimization

In this installment in our new partner video series, Jenni sat down with Brooks Bell Strategic Consultant Sarah Mason to explore how companies can more effectively democratize user research data and insights to drive successful digital optimization. Much like WEVO, Brooks Bell helps their customers transform through experimentation and insights. They provide an engine of […]

Searchlight for Sentiment with CXperts

Qual + Quant Insights: Two Wheels of an Axle “The combination of qual and quant are like two wheels of an axle: You shouldn’t embark on a journey with only one wheel.” — CXperts Embark on a journey with one wheel, and you won’t get far. Endeavor to improve on a customer journey guided by quantitative data […]

Interview: Data Gurus Podcast


Quant+Qual = Agile User Research WEVO’s CEO & Co-founder Nitzan Shaer was recently a guest on the Data Gurus podcast. He and host Sima Vasa discussed several topics including how WEVO’s unique combination of qualitative and quantitative data provides rapid insights that anyone within an organization can leverage to validate new concepts and ideas within […]