Analytics Power Hour: Breaking Down the Power of Qualitative Research

WEVO’S Jenni Bruckman, VP of Customer Success & Strategic Partnerships, recently joined the expert trio of Moe Kiss (Data & Analytics, Canva), Michael Helbling (Owner, AJL Analytics), and Tim Wilson (Director of Analytics, Search Discovery) on the Analytics Power Hour Podcast.   They took a deep dive into one of the hottest digital analytics topics of […]

On-Demand Webinar: Insights at the Speed of Digital- Leveraging Human-Augmented AI to Drive Consistent Outcomes

Access On-Demand Webinar: Jenni Bruckman, VP of Customer Success & Strategic Alliances, and Brian Cahak, Managing Director of Digital Growth and Marketing Operations at Accenture Interactive, discuss the secrets of next-gen digital experience optimization programs. Hear examples of gathering insights in real use cases and join in the conversation as Jenni and Brian discuss the increasing […]

On-Demand Webinar: Insights as a Service- Using an Insights Engine to Fuel UX Research

Access On-Demand Webinar Now: Jenni Bruckman, VP of Customer Success & Strategic Alliances, and Brian Cahak, Managing Director of Digital Growth and Marketing Operations at Accenture Interactive,  discuss why insights are a key driver of success and how brands and organizations can leverage insights as a service. Join Jenni and Brian as they share best […]

On-Demand Webinar: How Human-Augmented AI Enables Effortless User Experience Research

Access On-Demand Webinar Now: In this webinar, Nitzan Shaer, CEO & Co-founder of WEVO, guest speaker Kelly Price, Forrester Senior Analyst, Design/Product Research, CX and UX,  and guest speaker Karen Pascoe,  Mastercard SVP, CX and Design discussed these common challenges and strategies for weaving efficient, accurate, AI-driven customer insights into an agile research process to drive better digital experiences: […]

Customer Insights Trends for 2022

Chris Reeve, Social Media Manager at Fountain Partnership, a UK digital marketing agency and consultancy, connected with WEVO’s own Jenni Bruckman on ways to understand customers like never before heading into 2022. Through their discussion, they unpack why customer insights are so vital and new-age tools that can help customer research initiatives. Watch their full conversation […]

WEVO Page and Compare Tests Have a New Look

All WEVO Page and Compare tests submitted on or after October 27th 2021 will feature our new report design which includes many new features to make reviewing WEVO tests easier than ever. Every report now includes a pull-out drawer where you can reference images of the pages you tested (either in page, compare page or […]

Insight-Led User Experience Intelligence from Matty Wishnow, New WEVO Advisor

Q&A On The Evolutions of User Experience A recognized User Experience industry leader, Matty Wishnow is the newest WEVO Advisory member, providing his expertise to help organizations solve more problems and create more value for their customers. With his breadth of experience as former Managing Director of Experience Design and Optimization at Accenture and Co-Founder […]

WEVO, Boston Based User Experience Platform Triples Revenue and Expands Advisory Board

Multiple Fortune 500 firms sign on to WEVO’s Next-Gen Insight as a Service Platform to gain access to the high fidelity UX diagnostic tool. Matty Wishnow, former Managing Director Experience Design and Optimization, Accenture Interactive joins advisory board.    Boston, MA | October 12, 2021 — WEVO, the leading user experience platform for effortless diagnosis of […]

WEVO Exposed: What We Uncovered About Bose’s Soundbar Purchase Journey

In the latest episode of WEVO Exposed, we looked at Bose’s online soundbar purchase experience. Although the journey was found to be highly effective, some visitors found that there was too much irrelevant information on the pages, making the journey less intuitive than they might’ve liked. Watch the full video here or read on for […]