Artificial Intelligence Firm WEVO Launches Platform for Marketers to Test and Improve Website Conversion During Design Phase

Platform Solves For A/B Testing Gap, Enables Marketers to Enhance Effectiveness of Mobile and Desktop Pages Before Going Live

BOSTON (Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017) – WEVO, an artificial intelligence and crowdsourcing technology startup, has launched a new platform for digital marketers to test and improve website conversion before going live. The platform meets unmet needs in the A/B testing and conversion optimization space: the abilities to receive target audience insight earlier and test landing pages before launching them on their website.

Digital marketers identified the gap in the A/B testing process via a recent survey* about their conversion rate optimization and A/B testing programs, which generated compelling results.

Of the marketers surveyed, 86% either end tests or implement test results before reaching statistical significance. This means new page designs are either being discarded or pushed live prematurely, before the correct result is identified. Results show that testing is taking longer than marketers would like. Of those surveyed:

  • Almost half (47%) say they run A/B tests for more than four weeks to reach statistical significance
  • 91% say they’d find it valuable to receive test results sooner

Those surveyed also expressed a desire for more qualitative insight, earlier. The majority feel confident with their quantitative reporting, but nearly half report the need for more feedback from their target audience at an earlier stage in the process. A few key results:

  • 50% say they need a better understanding of what visitors like and dislike
  • 48% say they need a better understanding of why visitors do or do not convert
  • 89% say the ability to test a page using just a design and not a live, developed page, would be valuable to them

In an effort to meet these evolving needs, the WEVO platform predicts conversion testing outcomes, provides audience insight, and helps marketers build a more effective website. WEVO makes this possible prior to developing the site pages or launching A/B tests, which are typically required to test website effectiveness and can waste resources and time.

“We’ve seen digital marketers struggle to get the developer time, stakeholder approvals and design direction they need to optimize their conversion on an acceptable timeline,” says Nitzan Shaer, CEO and Co-Founder of WEVO. “For the first time, WEVO gives digital marketers the ability to test their ideas of how to improve conversion and get customer feedback in the design phase of a webpage.”

Key benefits of the WEVO platform include the ability for digital marketers to:

  • Predict conversion outcomes in the design phase.
  • Understand why visitors aren’t converting.
  • Gain insight from their target audience on likes and dislikes.
  • Benchmark and learn from competitors.
  • Get impactful design direction.

WEVO was co-founded in 2016 by Shaer, former Skype executive, and Janet Muto, former CMO of Constant Contact.

* The survey was completed by more than 250 digital marketing managers and executives in the U.S. who are responsible for conversion rate optimization and website improvement at their organization.

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