5 Ways Banks Can Attract Millennials and Gen Z

It’s the mantra for nearly every industry in the digital age, but more pronounced in financial services, an industry often identified as technology laggards. Digital disruption is in full swing in the industry, particularly as its customer changes: as baby boomers and Gen X inch closer to retirement, Gen Y and Gen Z – with their high expectations for outstanding digital experience and low patience for its failure – have become the driving force in our economy and are re-shaping financial services.

By 2030, millennials will make up 75% of the workforce, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor. This is not lost on the financial services industry, where creating digital experiences that resonate with Gen Y and Gen Z has proven challenging.

In its work with financial services organizations, WEVO – using its proprietary pre-live testing technology – has been able to identify five key ways your bank can optimize its Gen Y/Gen Z focused digital content and capture their attention.