Elephant In The Room: The Massive Shortcoming Of A/B Testing That Nobody Is Talking About

You can’t be in the online marketing business long without developing an awareness of and appreciation for A/B testing.

There is something profoundly comforting about collecting hard data to guide your marketing efforts, and when those conversion rates tick upward, they provide a measurable, provable, unquestionable ROI.

Test. Rinse. Repeat... the mantra of the A/B tester.

Emotional Connection and Analytical Rigor: The Happy Marriage

Steve Olenski’s recent piece in Forbes,  “The Formula for Balancing the Math and Magic of Marketing,” made me think of this post.  As a marketer who lived through the “magic years” during a stint at Hewlett Packard, and pioneered the “math years” at Constant Contact, I couldn’t agree more with his takeaway: “Human beings are not machines and often change their behaviors, attitudes and actions.”  You probably feel this on a daily basis, too.

Beyond A/B testing – Increasing digital conversion by decoding human motivation.

In a nutshell, WEVO leverages advanced human motivational analysis to increase conversion of web pages and digital advertising. We have discovered a large set of “digital genes” that influence human decision-making online and have already successfully increased conversion for a number of leading firms by an average of 2.2x.